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Your Purpose Changes During Your Lifetime

There’s no silver bullet to finding purpose. Not living a life with purpose is painful. The thing is…you are not born with a life’s purpose that you stick to. Purpose is fluid, your purpose changes during your lifetime. Staying in the same place will not allow you to experience life in its fullest.

Hi, I’m Ana Kertesz and this is HOWto.LIVEit. I’m going to talk about how there’s no silver bullet to finding purpose. If you’re feeling lost, and stuck and looking for purpose in your life, I know how painful it is, and join the crowd. Millions of people are feeling lost. And it’s so hard to know what does purpose mean to each one of us? As I was thinking about what to do next and feeling stuck before I realized I wanted to build HOWto.LIVEit, I read many books about purpose and happiness. I spoke to Executive Coaches and Life Coaches. I tried to gain a lot of insights. I’ve learned a few important things on purpose that I want to share with you to make it easier for you. First of all, remember that there’s not one thing, purpose can be many things. And we don’t need to have only one passion and one thing that we wanna do. We can be many things at the same time. Two, remember that purpose changes over time. Forget about the idea that you have a lifelong purpose that you need to live. Purpose changes, and you have to embrace that. Three, and the most important one: You only know what you like to do when you’re doing it. You have to try it. You have to get out there and experiment it. And that is the best way to find something that brings meaning to you, that energizes you, that makes you feel like you’re living life with passion. There’s no better way to find purpose than to get out there and try and live. I hope you enjoyed this now get out there and live it.