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Your Mantra for Growth and Success

How do your ego, your past and your willingness to learn play a role in your ability to embrace change and unleash your full potential? Sheilah Crowley, Founder of coaching company The Summit, shares her insights on the 3 part mantra for a growth mindset and for success based on her extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and career changers. Get insights and feel geared towards action in this quick bite of a conversation with HOWto.LIVEit Founder & CEO Ana Kertesz.

Hi, I’m Ana Kertesz and this is HOWto.LIVEit. Are you wondering how you can keep a healthy mindset while you’re searching your best self and going through change? Today we are going to talk with Sheilah Crowley who is here. She’s the founder and CEO of The Summit, which is a coaching company focus on helping people get unstuck and reach their fullest potential. She’s going to share with us a simple three-part mantra that can help us think about what are the attitudes we can have as we embark on our next journey and search for our better self. Thank you, Sheilah, for being here. Thank you so much for having me. I’m so glad to be there. Thank you. So what are these three best practices you mentioned to me? You said it so well. What we’re really aiming, the umbrella of this kind of successful mindset is a growth mindset, right? So you’re looking up and out. You’re not feeling limited by past, friends, anything, other environment because you own this growth mindset. And so the first pillar of that is to keep your ego in check, which sounds a little bit weird. What it means is, for example, when somebody’s feeling defensive, you know, they might go into like denial mode or you know, kind of irrational mode and that can happen. So for example, if I gave you an assessment, right and it was like a strength assessment for whatever reason you didn’t agree with it, somebody who’s not keeping their ego in check would be like, you know, like to over way over focus on that and lose sight of all the other things that they they can learn right? So that makes on yes, so just paying attention to that particularly when you’re trying new things particularly when you’re feeling vulnerable. The second part of the mindset, which I think is really important and so important no matter what you’re doing whether you’re going corporate or you’re doing your own business and particularly with your own business is this idea of being a continuous student of life, right? So you just constantly on your like hungry for learning. And with that you’re going to become, right, you’re going to be competitive if your own it’s an obvious statement, but a lot of people kind of just like, you know, once they have their business up and going but this is an extremely competitive environment, you know, the gig economy you and I sell toothpaste and you’re going to win if you’re really if your technology is better than mine all that kind of thing. So really really I always encourage people no matter what, to learn how to learn online, because the democratization, right, of information is a plethora for those of us in the receiving end. So, I think continuous learning is definitely the second pillar. So on the three-part mantra for you know, having a good attitude for success, you mentioned keeping your ego in check, and being a good continuous learner and I love these two. What’s the third part of the mantra? So the third pillar which actually is one of the more important ones because we’ve lived this life to date, is kind of reimagining your past, right? Not letting your past get in your way. But to bring forward the assets that you know that you have built along your past and move forward, right? So for example, if someone said to you, but let’s say you’re starting a company and you have to do some writing right and you’ve been told all your life, you know, not all your life, but let’s say your school life, which is very impressionable, right? We’re talking like you are just a writer, you know, well when you’re alone solo entrepreneur much of your job is writing and so your ability to flex that muscle again, you have no idea, it’s 25 years later and your start to write again. We all know that we can learn anything now, so your ability to take hold of something that’s an opportunity and not let your you know, limiting beliefs from your back, you know, from your past get in your way. I love this, very powerful. As we’re embarking in some type of change. I think retrieving our confidence is one of the most important aspects of it and we often you know, question who we are and we lose the sight of our self-confidence, right? How do you think this exercise can help retrieve that? So, you know, confidence doesn’t grow on trees, you know, and it doesn’t come down in the laser moment. Confidence is something you build over time. So for example, if you’re somebody who’s trying to step up and out, you have been you know, raising children for 10 years, or you just haven’t been employed for 10 years and you’re thinking about starting a business, perhaps, taking those micro steps that we’ve talked about before, that micro moment of a habit and getting in front of other people who are in the same journey, perfect start, right? But what happened there is that you took an action. And the most important thing about confidence is that you have to keep taking actions because every time you take an action, then you get your cup gets full like, I could do that, right? I can go that event and I’m fine. I can talk to my neighbor about what they do. You know, it’s not your comfort zone, but it allows you to build your own confidence. No one else is going to give it to you. You need to build it for yourself. Yes, I agree. Thank you, Sheilah. What a great conversation. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. We were here today with Sheilah Crowley at HOWto.LIVEit. Thank you for joining our Family. And I love what you said in the very end about confidence and I do think, everyone, that confidence is what really matters and the only way to build confidence is through action. So that was very good advice. Sheilah shared with us a three-part mantra to help us keep our attitudes for success and help us keep a healthy mindset as we’re embarking on a new journey. The three-part mantra are basically keeping your ego in check, being committed to being a continuous learner and always re-imagining your past. So thank you for being here and go out and live it!