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You Can Build a Business from Anywhere

You may be wondering how to run a business from home. Good news is that technology has allowed for so many tools that make it possible – and more than ever affordable and easy – to start and grow a business literally from anywhere. Elaine Pofeldt, the writer of “The Million-Dollar One-Person Business” shares her insights in conversation with HOWto.LIVEit Founder & CEO Ana Kertesz on how technology has given people access to a global marketplace.

I want to dig further into one of the points you mentioned, which I think is one of the biggest changes that has really happened in the last few years that has made it so much easier for people to start and grow their own businesses, which is technology has allowed for people from anywhere in the world to access a global marketplace. So people can access clients and users using different platforms that years ago didn’t even exist, right? And you have obviously interviewed incredible entrepreneurs, can you give us one or two real stories of people who have leveraged this great access, using technology to access a global marketplace? There are so many examples today of entrepreneurs that are going across borders from the comfort of their homes.