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How to Test an Idea and Launch a Successful App

How can you go from an idea to an actual business? How can you effectively validate your idea to make sure you are launching a product that people really want? What are the behind the scenes actual steps of launching and growing a business? On this conversation you will get the behind the scenes of how to test an idea and launch a successful app.

Kim Kardashian recently posted on social media “Lately I’ve been obsessed with listening to podcasts, I found this app called Goodpods where you can follow friends to see what podcasts they’re listening to.” HOWto.LIVEit Founder & CEO Ana Kertesz is joined on this conversation by the incredible JJ Ramberg. JJ is a tech entrepreneur and national television host, and the co-founder of Goodpods. Goodpods is a social podcast network that allows you to see what podcasts your smartest, funniest, most curious podcast-obsessed friends and others recommend.

JJ also is the co-founder of a tech business focused on making people feel good about their online shopping, through coupons and deals to thousands of stores. For more than 12 years, JJ was the host of “Your Business”, MSNBC’s second longest running program (which is quite a feat since the original run was supposed to be 6 months!). As the host of the program, JJ traveled the country to interview CEO’s, Founders, experts and government officials to find out what makes successful businesses work. Guests included the Founders of Warby Parker, Twitter, Peloton, the heads of the Small Business Administration, Senators and members of Congress.

QUESTIONS COVERED ON THIS CONVERSATION 1. Let’s start from the beginning. What was your inspiration to start Goodpods? 2. How did you frame the problem you wanted to solve and validate your idea? 3. What did you do in the first week, first month, first 6 months of the business? 4. Did you develop a business plan? If yes, how and at what point of your journey? 5. How did you get legal & accounting support and what are some of the key lessons? 6. What was your approach to naming, branding, graphics & design? 7. How did you establish your customer sweet spot? 8. What was your approach to technology (website, app, systems)? 9. Marketing & Digital Marketing strategies & lessons 10. Which steps did you take to scale your business? 11. How did you fund your business? 12. Which position did you fill with your first hire and what was your approach to talent? 13. Important challenges you faced? 14. Key lessons? 15. Pieces of advice?