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How to Create Financial Independence and Time Freedom

Many of us dream with financial independence, time freedom, living our purpose and creating positive impact. But very few of us are able to achieve all of them. What are the actual tactics and behind the scenes of creating a business and a life that allow for that? HOWto.LIVEit Founder and CEO Ana Kertesz is joined on this conversation by the incredible Jaime Jay. Jaime is a passionate entrepreneur who is committed to ‘The Ripple Effect’ of giving. He loves supporting ideas, bravery and collaboration with entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. Ana first heard of Jaime and his story in the book “The One-Person Million Dollar Business” by Elaine Pofeldt, who has been on our HOWto.LIVEit Show a few times. I was intrigued to learn more about Jaime’s journey to successfully building a profitable business in a lean way. Jaime is the Founder and CEO of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, which helps entrepreneurs and small businesses scale their business more affordably through remote virtual assistance. Jaime also is the host of the podcast Culture Eats Strategy which shares ideas around his motto “Are your daily tasks getting in the way of you doing your best work?”