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Forget Perfection, Aim for Good Enough

Seeking perfection leaves us at a state of paralysis. We can’t be happy when we always think we can do better, we can be better. As hard as it is for many of us, aiming for good enough is the best way to go. Done is better than perfect.

Okay, so I’ve learned the hard way that aiming for perfection leaves us at a state of very often being stuck, feeling miserable and having paralysis. That we end up not being able to create anything, because we feel that everything we do has to be perfect. So, I have gone from being an ultra perfectionist, to being a recovering perfectionist. I think it’s an ongoing mission every day to embark on this journey to recover. But I have now realized that good enough is what we should all be aiming for, and it’s better to get it done and it’s better to get it good enough than to aim for perfection. There is no way that we can be happy if we always think that there’s something better to be done, or something better to happen. So this is why you should always aim for good enough as well.