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Exercises to Help You Find Your Passions

Not using your talents and living your passions can be very painful. You can, and should, create a work life that rewards your talents and passions. The first step is understanding what they are.

Hey guys, it’s Ana here. So one of the first steps to finding what your passions are and how to best use your talents is self-awareness. I want to give you two very quick exercises you can do by yourself, when you’re home, and use this time now to help you uncover some of your passions. So, one, think about your role models and people you admire, and think about what do you specifically admire about them? What are the values they have, what are the traits they have, what they have done that you really admire? And second, when people ask your opinion about something when they think you’re a specialist in something. What is it they’re asking your opinion on? Because that’s a good guidance on some of the strengths you have and some of the things you like doing And some of the things we like doing are a very good guidance to what our talents are. So why don’t you do these exercises, get out there and live it?