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Why Good Ideas Die

Many good ideas die before even getting started. If you have an idea, an urge to do something, that you are not bringing to life, it can be painful and frustrating, it can cause anxiety and depression. Because bringing these ideas to life is part of who you are. Why do so many ideas die before even getting started? We have mapped out the 5 main reasons here so you can be aware and be prepared.

I know the pain of having an idea, an interest and ambition, something you want to turn into action

and it just doesn’t happen. And I know it brings a lot of anxiety,

it may bring depression, and you may just feel this pain of not bringing this idea into life.

And I want to talk to you today about how a lot of ideas die before even getting started.

I’ve done a lot of research, I have felt this pain myself.

I have spoken to a lot of people who have suffered from this

and I think if you have this urge, this idea, this interest that you want to turn into action,

you just have to do it. So I want to tell you the five ways that a lot

of these ideas don’t become anything,

so you can try to address it yourself and go for it.

So, the first one is you get this idea and you tell a friend and they say it already exists,

there’s already something out there

and you just feel discouraged. Number two is, okay if it’s such a good idea,

why is no one doing it? And that is one of the biggest ideas killer. Number three is

okay, so why you why are you going to be able to do it?

Why do you have that talent to take that idea into life? Number four is

when you assume you need a very detailed business plan,

and you need upfront capital,

and you need to hire a lot of people.

And that’s one of the biggest ideas killers.

And number five is not knowing how to get started,

and that was as for me one of the biggest sources of frustration that I had

for a long time when I decided to leave my

job and start my own entrepreneurial

path. And I did really not know how to validate my idea

and how to get started, and that’s one of the main reasons

I started HOWto.LIVEit. To help you think about new ways of validating your idea, of

overcoming the fear, of understanding that if you have this urge, this ambition, this

interest that you want to bring to life, you have to go

for it.

This is your life you have to do you, for you.

So stay tuned and we’re going to come back with a lot of ideas

and ways that you can and should bring your ideas to life.