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Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur?

Is there such a thing as common traits for successful entrepreneurs?

In a world that increasingly has almost infinite ways that a person can turn their ambition, ideas and interests into action and create the business and life they want, are there specific characteristics and values in order to succeed as leaders and entrepreneurs?

Determination, risk taking, high level of confidence, eagerness to learn, accepting failure, passionate about their business, adaptability, resilience are some of the traits that we commonly see that successful entrepreneurs share. What are other traits you think successful entrepreneurs usually have, especially in terms of communication and interpersonal skills that are so important and often don’t get enough credit?

HOWto.LIVEit Founder & CEO Ana Kertesz talks with Life, Executive & Leadership coach Benis Reffkin about what are common traits and essential values of successful entrepreneurs based on her experience as coach, an executive recruiter and as an advisor and sounding board to her husband Robert Reffkin, the founder of multi-billion dollar real estate business Compass.