Virtual Experiences Are More Important Than Ever

Escaping reality

Now, more than ever, people would love to have ways to escape from reality. Whether it be as a form of entertainment, or as a way to experience connection with others, We still want to explore the world, learn from different cultures, and live different experiences in art, culinary, wellness and whatever else comes to mind.

Virtual experiences

People everywhere are starting to think how can they offer unique experiences to others in their homes in a way that makes them feel that they are a real part of the experience. Can you emulate the experience of dining out while being at home? Can you feel the thrill of visiting a place for the first time from your couch?

New problems need new solutions

Airbnb, “the company that completely revolutionized travel is pioneering a way for us to continue to have them as we shelter in place at home. Airbnb is offering virtual experiences that include meditation with Buddhist monks, cooking classes and spending time with the dogs of Chernobyl.” as per an article from the Lean Start Up.

Is virtual reality finally becoming a reality?

Could our need for live digital experiences also serve as a way to test how VR or augmented reality becomes less of a niche and spreads out its wings to enabling people to have different experiences – and adventures – from their homes?

We want the real experiences, but…

Yes, we want to hug, dine out, travel, visit museums, smell the ocean, go to concerts, watch live sports games. Nothing replaces reality. But the more we create new models to help us adapt to our new circumstances, the more we feel that we can keep connected and able to experience life, somehow.