How to Market in Difficult Times

There’s been a lot of talk about how to market during these difficult times. Questions such as how to keep the connection with clients and how to keep serving them. It is true that finding a way to connect with your customers and to keep helping them will allow you to build trust and break the boundaries between business and personal. However, it is also true that circumstances and needs of a month ago are now different. How should businesses and professionals think about how to market in difficult times?

First things first, you must communicate

There’s consensus among the experts we have spoken with that yes, you should be communicating with clients. The communication has to be very carefully thought out, so it doesn’t seem like you’re taking advantage of this time or promoting products or services unnecessarily.

Breaking the boundaries between business and personal

It is a time to show sympathy and empathy and to show a more human side of you and your business, to really break the boundaries between business and personal. And to show the reality of you working, of people from your team working. What are some of the actual changes you were forced to implement? Well, everyone is going through similar challenges and experiences, and this is a way to develop a stronger connection.

Personalization is the name of the game

Reaching out to clients and users in the more personalized way makes a big difference. Some of the business owners we spoke with have actually taken the time to reach out to their clients by text message phone call or email and show that you are available and you can help if they need anything.

Walk the talk

Finally, are there some creative ways you can explore to keep solving your customers problems even now? Is there anything you could be doing online? Are there any new ideas you could be developing, any new solutions you could be providing?As much as you think your customers may not be willing to hear from you at this point or you may feel you don’t have anything to add, trust me, you do.

Building trust

Difficult times can allow you to establish a different type of connection with clients. This may be a good learning experience in and a source of renewed trust for you and your clients.