How can influencers remain relevant in this crisis?

Influencers are seeing a plunge in brand deals and sponsorship during the global pandemic. How can they remain relevant?

With growth comes more scrutiny

With the growth of influencer marketing, scrutiny has also grown. Increasing instances of careless campaigning as well as changing in consumer habits and needs have begun to heighten consumer distrust and call for new ways for influencers to remain relevant.

Unique content is key

Users are becoming tired of repetitive paid-for content with repetitive copy. People are looking for novelty and a deeper understanding of their needs and habits.

People crave authenticity more and more

Influencer marketing is more and more all about authenticity. An estimated 87% of people crave authenticity and genuine recommendations. In particular, micro-influencers will benefit from this new focus. With social users craving authenticity, and micro-influencers typically have stronger personal brands with niche, carved interests meaning greater likelihood of consistent storytelling told through a loyal brand ambassador, as per The Influential.

Storytelling still wins the day

People are not looking for products and brands, but rather, for the story behind them. In answer, companies are increasingly prioritising storytelling in their marketing strategies as an alternative to bland, corporate messaging. More personalised messaging will start to become common as influencers show more of their own voice on their posts.